Can I get a referral bonus for referring authors to Outskirts Press?

Yes! You can help writers fulfill their dreams of getting published and make some money at the same time.

Here's how it works:

  • Published authors are automatically eligible to make referrals. Your unique Author ID number is also your referral number. You can go to to read the agreement and find your referral link.
  • You don't have to publish with Outskirts Press to refer authors. You can also sign-up just to be an affiliate at that same link:
  • Place your affiliate link on your website or within your email newsletter or ezine.
  • Enhance your site with content your visitors will value.
  • Help them fulfill their dream of getting published!
  • When your referred writers click on your link either from an email or your website, your referring agent ID is recorded permanently during their visit to Outskirts Press.
  • When those authors complete their publication with Outskirts Press, your affiliate ID is attached to their initial publications and you receive a 10% commission on the amount they paid for their publishing package.

If you participate in writer's groups, either on-line or off, use your affiliate link when referring authors to our site. This ensures you receive your commissions. We pay our affiliates quarterly when their commission equals $50 or higher. Be sure to complete the steps under the Get Paid link in your affiliate center to receive payment.  Here is an example of what a properly formatted referral link looks like (don't use this one, though; replace the number with YOUR author ID number):

For advanced users, you can also control the specific page you want to send authors. The link example above will send referrals to our main home page.  But, say you wanted to send a referral directly to our Ultimate publishing package page:  

Or directly to our Full-Color publishing package page:

Or directly to our free e-book landing page:



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    I would love to pass the word on, about OSP. BUT....the post production? Is very rocky, no one returns calls, emails etc!
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