Can I see my book sales faster than 30 days or with more detail?

Yes, it is called the Custom Sales Report and it is available to order in your Author's Center.  

By initiating an ISBN-specific search process with Ingram, we can ascertain wholesale book sales information for any 90 day period of time, up to and including yesterday. This manual process also includes a more robust break-down of sales by specific channels, including Amazon, Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and any other channels you have available.

Due to the time-consuming, manual nature of this sales reporting, there is a nominal fee for this custom sales report, and it takes a few days to acquire the information.

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    Is the fee for one report only or does it cover future reports. That is, if I want another report in 6 months, do I pay another fee?

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    Outskirts Press

    Hi, there!

    Thanks for the question!

    The fee covers one period of time only. If you want another run in the future, there would be another fee associated.

    Thanks again,

    OP Support

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