My book is available EVERYWHERE, so why don't my book sales match the availability?

The worldwide distribution and availability of your book is one of the benefits of Outskirts Press.  There is a difference between book availability and book sales. The advantage of Outskirts Press and its distribution-on-demand network is that your book becomes available for order globally through websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many hundreds of other online sales channels. These outlets are only displaying the electronic availability of your book, or in other words, the digital book information (meta data) concerning your book.  

In most cases, these online retailers do not need to purchase your book in order to display it on their website for sale. In fact, in nearly all cases, they will order your book only when a customer orders it from them first. The good news is that your book can be available for sale through all these places quickly and immediately, even before a single copy is sold.

In order to encourage wholesale orders, Ingram even indicates that a physical inventory level of 100 is "in-stock." This is a "virtual inventory" number that Ingram generates for all print-on-demand books so that retailers don't see "out of stock" messages. It does not mean that any store or wholesaler has purchased 100 copies of your book, nor does it even mean Ingram has printed 100 copies yet. On-demand books are printed and sold only after they are demanded (purchased) by a customer.

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    Bob Wojciechowski

    Doesn't this affect shipping time if ingram says they have stock and actually do not?

    If a retailer says they have 20 in stock a customer would expect it to be shipped the same or next day and it should arrive the next day if they pay for next day shipping.  This is not possible (or is it) if it has to be printed first.

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    Outskirts Press

    It's possible. Books ordered through distribution services via EDI and ONIX feeds are printed within 24 hours for this very reason.

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