How long does it take for a book to be printed?

Our turnaround time with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers is 24 hours. So the printing floor gets the book printed and into the mail within 24 hours of receiving the order from those retailers. They take first priority. In some cases, those orders are mailed directly to the customer. In other cases, those orders are mailed back to the retailer who then send them on to the customer.  The second scenario obviously extends the delivery timeframe slightly.  Whether or not they are mailed directly to the customer depends upon the retailer's order request and is out of our hands.

Book orders originating from our bookstore at are printed within 3 business days.

Book orders originating from within the Publishing Center (which affects authors buying their own books) are typically printed within 5-7 business days, although it can be faster when the printers are less busy. This timeframe is seasonal. For instance, the weeks and months leading up to Christmas get very busy and the turnaround times get longer. Authors have the option of selecting "rush" production on their book from within the Publishing Center, in which case, books are printed in the same timeframe as the Outskirts Press bookstore -- 3 business days. Of course, it is always important to add this time frame on top of the shipping timeframe, which varies depending upon the shipping option selected at check-out.

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