I never received my standard press release. Where is it?

The standard press release announcing the publication of your book that comes free with the Diamond package and is available for purchase with the Ruby and Pearl packages is made available through direct distribution only. For the sake of efficiency, it is not supplied to the author, although you can typically get a copy of it by conducting a search for your press release on Google (by searching for your book's title and your author name).

Once the press release is drafted and distributed (which is typically done within 1-2 weeks of publication at the latest) you should find quite a few "hits" when you search for it.

A custom press release is also available as an optional service. That version is provided to you for your review and approval prior to distribution since it is customized specifically to your needs based upon information you supply to our PR department prior to the release being written.

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    LoL I did that search, I could'nt find my press release... And my book been out for 6months. I have a custom done by my publiscist. But, I wanna see what I paid for via OSP, & im not seeing it.
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