Can I send in a copy of my manuscript instead of uploading it?

While it’s not suggested, we do accept hardcopy manuscripts as well.  Here are the steps to take, including the mailing address to send materials, to get that started:

  1. Assign your publishing consultant by logging into your Publishing Center and submitting your $35 deposit, which is fully refundable if we cannot accept your manuscript for any reason. You can log in securely here: http://outskirtspress.com/p/consultant

  2. Include in your mailed submission the $99 Mail Submission Service Fee

  3. Mail your materials either on CD or 3.5 inch PC-formatted floppy disc, or hardcopy to:

    Outskirts Press, Inc.

    10940 S. Parker Rd – 515

    Parker, CO 80134

  4. Email your publishing consultant and let them know your materials are in-bound

  5. Additional fees may apply to hardcopy submissions, depending upon whether you need materials scanned or transcribed.

  6. Make sure you send a copy and not the originals. Outskirts Press is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in the mail and cannot be obligated to return materials without an included self-addressed stamped envelope and a specific request for the materials to be returned.  For copyright and security purposes, materials received without an assigned publishing consultant and completion of the Hardcopy Submission Fees will be discarded, unread.


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