Can I have a hardback book instead of a paperback?

Yes, depending upon your package, a wide variety of hardback choices are available, including laminated or matte casebound hardbacks as well as cloth-stitched hardbacks with full-color wraparound dust jackets. During your online pre-production process you will have the opportunity to select the trim size and format of your book.

While hardback formats are available, we highly recommend you also publish a paperback edition. Here is an excerpt from one of our Book Publishing Tips Sheets, titled The Top 5 Recommended Production Options:

#4 - Alternate Formats (Hardback & E-Book Editions)

Publishing a book is prestigious. Publishing a book with Outskirts Press is even more prestigious.  And publishing a hardback book with Outskirts Press is the crème de la crème.

You already recognize all the benefits of publishing an actual book instead of just an e-book, right? You can't sign an e-book at events and you can't wrap an e-book as a present.  Saying your e-book is "in the cloud" just isn't as impressive as saying your paperback is on Amazon. Let's face it, publishing an e-book all by itself doesn't really count as publishing a book at all.  Don't get us wrong; e-book editions are great complements to hardcopy publication, and multiple e-book editions should always be published along with your paperback, but e-book publication should never be a substitute for paperback publication.

On the other end of the spectrum are hardback books.   Hardbacks are premium editions of your book.  They're positively gorgeous.  They make great gifts.  They're magnificent for leaving your legacy, and declaring in no uncertain terms: You are a published author.   They should not be a substitute for paperback publication either. (For one, they're too expensive to use as marketing materials). 

Writing a book is hard, and publishing one is an investment that typically reaches into the thousands of dollars.  If you can add a gorgeous casebound or dust-jacketed hardback (in gloss or matte varieties, depending upon your package) for a few hundred dollars more, that is an outstanding cost-to-benefit value.



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