Do you offer editing services?

Knot only do wee offer editting services, butt we beleive editing is won of the most important investmentss you can make four your book. 

That sentence was annoying to read, wasn't it? That's what happens when you don't edit your book before you publish it.  You will be able to add professional editing to your pre-publication process when you are selecting your production options. Or you can add professional copyediting as an option independently of publishing with Outskirts Press at http://outskirtspress.com/p/editing.

Here is an excerpt from one of our complimentary Book Publishing Tip Sheets, titled The Top 5 Recommended Production Options.  Editing is #1.

#1 - Professional Copyediting

Without a doubt, the best dollar-for-dollar investment you can make in your book is having it professionally edited.  Without editing, you will invariably find mistakes after publication that you must then incur revision fees correcting.  Or, even more likely, your friends and family members will find mistakes, which is embarrassing.  Or, even more humiliating still is when readers you don't even know publicly mention mistakes within their Amazon reviews of your book. Suddenly, those reviews are encouraging other readers NOT to buy your book, because of a few, small errors that could have been easily avoided.

Some authors mistakenly believe that the publisher is responsible for editing the book.  That is true for traditional publication from those big New York houses, but it is not true for independently self-published books.  The author is responsible for editing the book.  In the absence of a formal degree in English, it is best to let a professional editor edit your manuscript before it is published.

If you absolutely cannot afford professional editing, have a second pair of eyes look it over front to back. And then use an online grammar/spell checker like Online-SpellCheck.com for a final review before submitting it to us.

Fun Fact:  You may often see the term "copy editing" and "copyediting" (with and without the space) used interchangeably, both on the Outskirts Press website and throughout the publishing industry.  Essentially, both are correct.  Historically, "copy editing" as two words has been most often identified with the magazine publishing industry while "copyediting" as one word has been most often identified with the book publishing industry.  Search engine terminology and "best practices" now play a role in defining common conventions and popular word use, which is why online businesses sometimes use both in order to attract visitors who enter either version into a search engine.  (Hint: these are the kinds of things a professional editor keeps in mind when reviewing your manuscript, too!)



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